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Our short trip to Rome was wonderful.  We love the Italian culture, language, art, history and, of course, especially the food, wine and coffee.  We had some amazing meals, thanks especially to some recommendations of Cesare Casella of Salumeria Rossi, around the corner from the bakery, which we adore.




©pamela weekes

We did not stop for one minute, criss crossing the city, trying to see and to taste as much as possible in our four short days.  One thing our explorations reaffirmed is that what we do here at Levain Bakery is still exceptional.  There are very few places in the world (literally) that bake everything they sell freshly each day, and on the premises.  Although almost everything we bake has a longer shelf life than one day we believe that if you are coming to our bakery you should get the freshest product possible.  It also allows us to donate to organizations in need and give something back to the community and our world.



©pamela weekes


We hope that our customers appreciate that the reason we sometimes run out and perhaps do not have a huge selection is because we try to make everything we make the best and the freshest possible.


melanzana1©pamela weekes

   pomodori©pamela weekes

peperone©pamela weekes

frutti©pamela weekes

salumi©pamela weekes









It seems, here at Levain Bakery, that a few of us are in love with Italy as well as baking.  Some of us even attempt to study Italian in our free time and fantasize about living there.  So it should not be surprising that two of us are in Rome now, for four short days, and will report back on the sites, the food and the wine next week! 



And, of course, we will also have the results of our traditional, unofficial, Oscar pool!


Holiday Party Levain Style



This past Sunday we finally celebrated the holidays!!?? I know that may sound strange, but after a long, busy holiday season the whole staff was invited to celebrate at our annual Christmas party. Hosted by Pam and Connie, the night was FILLED with lots of food, wine and laughs!


We celebrated at ‘Cesca, a local Italian restaurant that is right around the corner from the bakery. It was such a great choice – easy to get there for those of us who had to work on Sunday and it offers delicious Italian fare in a beautiful setting. It was so good to be able to see everyone looking their best (no bandanas or Levain t-shirts allowed) and to talk to everyone while sharing a great meal. With some after dinner guests that met us, we all moved up to the bar area to toast, cocktails in hand, to the wonderful year behind us and to the wonderful year to come.


Monday morning arrived quickly and with little sleep and a few headaches, the morning shift arrived ready to start a new week. We spent the morning chatting about what a great time we had and how gracious it was of Pam and Connie to treat us to such a wonderful night. What fun we all had!


Thanks Pam and Connie and we want you to know that we are all looking forward to a great 2009!!

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