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Valentine’s Day


Look at our great, limited edition aprons!  We love them and are so excited.  A good apron is one that is so great you don’t mind wearing it and perhaps even forget to take it off.  While we were photographing this I ended up walking around in it, not even noticing it was still on!  (You can only purchase them on our website until supplies run out or February 13th, whichever comes sooner.)


Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to tell those special people in your life that you love them and that they are special.  To me, it is not a day about lovers but love.  Growing up both my mother and my father each always gave me something special for Valentine’s Day.  And my mom always made a heart shaped chocolate cake iced with red butter cream for dessert.  Needless to say it was one of my favorite holidays!  And, yes, I am sentimental; I try to wear something red on the 14th! 


For the bakery Valentine’s Day is special because it epitomizes what we hope to do every day, which is to add a little love to everyone’s life.  We believe here at Levain, which I’m sure you’ve heard, that if you bake with love your end product will reflect that.  We will all be wearing our red bandanas in the bakery on Saturday the 14th to show our love and we will have beautiful red ribbon to wrap your boxes.


This Valentine’s day do something special for those special people in your life – whether it is sending them some dark chocolate cookies and an apron or making them a card or simply telling them that you love them. 


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