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Our short trip to Rome was wonderful.  We love the Italian culture, language, art, history and, of course, especially the food, wine and coffee.  We had some amazing meals, thanks especially to some recommendations of Cesare Casella of Salumeria Rossi, around the corner from the bakery, which we adore.




©pamela weekes

We did not stop for one minute, criss crossing the city, trying to see and to taste as much as possible in our four short days.  One thing our explorations reaffirmed is that what we do here at Levain Bakery is still exceptional.  There are very few places in the world (literally) that bake everything they sell freshly each day, and on the premises.  Although almost everything we bake has a longer shelf life than one day we believe that if you are coming to our bakery you should get the freshest product possible.  It also allows us to donate to organizations in need and give something back to the community and our world.



©pamela weekes


We hope that our customers appreciate that the reason we sometimes run out and perhaps do not have a huge selection is because we try to make everything we make the best and the freshest possible.


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   pomodori©pamela weekes

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It seems, here at Levain Bakery, that a few of us are in love with Italy as well as baking.  Some of us even attempt to study Italian in our free time and fantasize about living there.  So it should not be surprising that two of us are in Rome now, for four short days, and will report back on the sites, the food and the wine next week! 



And, of course, we will also have the results of our traditional, unofficial, Oscar pool!


Share and Smile

We’d like to introduce our new webcams!

East Hampton Crew Says Hi

East Hampton Crew Says Hi

Find yourself online—how fun is that– via Levain Bakery webcam in either our New York or East Hampton location. Wave hello to friends or family. The webcam images/photos re-take every 10 seconds and you can find a full day’s images indexed online; just follow the links on our website. Here’s the key—we only save the webcam images for one day, all webcam memory from the previous day is deleted at 8 a.m everyday. So don’t miss your 15 minutes.

When you come into either bakery location look for the computer monitor mounted on the wall (in NYC it’ll be behind you, in East Hampton it’s to your left)—you’ll see pretty quickly where you need to strategically place yourself for maximum visibility or maximum invisibility.

Have fun with webcam images:

  • Email them to friends, family, jealous work colleagues, jilted lovers…use your best judgment.
  • Save webcam photos to your computer.

say “cheese” “it’s all about the cookie.”

New York Crew Says Hi

New York Crew Says Hi

*Disclaimer: we have targeted a specific spot in each bakery where those customers may stand if they wish to be visible via webcam, but for customers who’d prefer to shop for baked goods without leaving a trace, you’ll find plenty of counter space well outside the view of the webcam.

Are You a Nibbler or a Go-for-Broke Cookie Hound?

Remember when you were a kid with a handful of Oreos? Did you screw the tops off and lick the cream center out, or eat them whole? And then there was that whole other crowd– the dunkers.

So how do you eat a cookie?

wowwie, cookies and summertime

wowwie, cookies and summertime

nibblers: the crowd that buys a big cookie and makes it last all day (maybe into the next), relishing every bite, eyes glazed over. We know who you are…

brown-nosers: like to win over friends, new crushes, in-laws and difficult work colleagues with a selection of monster cookies. We think a hands-down winner strategy…

go-for-broke: nothing and no one is going to stop you from eating the whole cookie, right now. Everyone stay back….

last biters: ooooo, you’re the real closet cookie hounds, the one that refuses any bite, up until the last…. Things that make you go hmmmmm.

How do WE eat Levain cookies?

We’re guilty of all the above, except maybe the last one—we’re not likely to refuse a bite for politeness sake. We developed the recipes because we are inspired cookie hounds, a passion that has not slaked. We bake them AND we eat them. So when you walk into the bakery and think to yourself, “I wonder if they actually eat their cookies,” the answer is YES.

• Broken into chunks then frozen – perfect hot summer afternoon cookie shot.
• Sliced warm and topped with mounds of our favorite ice cream or gelato.
• Straight up, the way the cookie gods intended them….

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