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Thoughts of Summer…….


It isn’t summer yet but today was even better here in the city!  Spectacular and sunny, not too hot.  The perfect day for an iced coffee and cookie!  The perfect type of weather to wander around the city.


And, judging by this photo, which I just received via email, it is also the perfect time to take a road trip to the East End of Long Island.  The summer crowds are not around yet but everything is open and you can enjoy what I think are the most beautiful beaches in the world.  The ocean side or the sound side of the Island, both are gorgeous.  As a Long Island girl I know I am a bit biased, but I have seen some other parts of this country, and the world, and I still think where I grew up is the most beautiful place in the world!  Nothing else compares.  If you have some time check it out.  We have almost all the same delicious goodies in Wainscott plus some others!


Rustic Fruit Tarts in East Hampton

Here’s one baked item that is deliciously unique to our East Hampton location:

Fresh fruit tarts.

We take fresh strawberries, fresh blueberries and fresh peaches and simply wrap them in tart dough, bake until golden. You only get them if you come visit us out here. Come to the beach for the weekend or play hooky from work and when you do stop by for rustic fruit-tarts-and…

Share and Smile

We’d like to introduce our new webcams!

East Hampton Crew Says Hi

East Hampton Crew Says Hi

Find yourself online—how fun is that– via Levain Bakery webcam in either our New York or East Hampton location. Wave hello to friends or family. The webcam images/photos re-take every 10 seconds and you can find a full day’s images indexed online; just follow the links on our website. Here’s the key—we only save the webcam images for one day, all webcam memory from the previous day is deleted at 8 a.m everyday. So don’t miss your 15 minutes.

When you come into either bakery location look for the computer monitor mounted on the wall (in NYC it’ll be behind you, in East Hampton it’s to your left)—you’ll see pretty quickly where you need to strategically place yourself for maximum visibility or maximum invisibility.

Have fun with webcam images:

  • Email them to friends, family, jealous work colleagues, jilted lovers…use your best judgment.
  • Save webcam photos to your computer.

say “cheese” “it’s all about the cookie.”

New York Crew Says Hi

New York Crew Says Hi

*Disclaimer: we have targeted a specific spot in each bakery where those customers may stand if they wish to be visible via webcam, but for customers who’d prefer to shop for baked goods without leaving a trace, you’ll find plenty of counter space well outside the view of the webcam.

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