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Christmas Goodies


It’s the day after Christmas and I just got back from celebrating with my family.  We ate ALOT….my mom cooked a magnificent meal! We played games, opened presents, drank lots of wine, and had plenty of laughs. What a great day.


ginas-parents2          My family is always so fascinated with the going-ons of the bakery. My parents especially, ask lots of questions. They are curious about what we bake and who buys it and what generally happens through the course of my day. It’s so amazing to them how much I love what I do even though it can sometimes be such hard work.


My mom has always loved to bake and cook and did a lot of it with my grandmother growing up. While I was growing up, we did the same and she has been able to pass down some incredible recipes and traditions. She always jokes that one day she will show up at the bakery ready to work so I decided to get her some Levain bakery attire so she would be ready to jump right in. (I also had to get some for my dad so he wouldn’t get jealous!) They loved it!


In fact, I got a piece for everyone in my family. Whether it was a t-shirt, a hoodie or a thermal shirt, they all were very excited to sport the Levain bakery name.  So now with just with one phone call I could get them all working in case I ever need a little extra help.

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