Meet the Crew: Diana

Name:  Diana FormanDiana

What’s your sign?  Capricorn 

Where are you from originally?  Germantown, NY

How long have you lived in New York City?  1.25 years

How long have you been working at Levain Bakery?       2 months

What brought you to NYC and the bakery?  The prospects of success in the big city and making delicious things with fun people.

What’s your favorite thing at the bakery:

To eat?  Whole Wheat Raisin Walnut Rolls

To do?  Make delicious things.

If you could be a cookie package, where would you want to be shipped?  Paisley Park, the White House, the Taj Mahal

What smells the best when it’s in the oven?  The pizzas.  Everything.

Favorite cookie or other bakery item?  Warm Oatmeal Raisin Cookies…man oh man.

If you could be one thing in the bakery, what would you be and why?  I would be a Walnut Sticky Bun – I’d have Monday through Friday off and Oprah would give me props and make me famous. 

What’s your favorite song played at the bakery?  The weird one that starts “Brothers and Sisters… Brothers and Sisters…”

Cat or Dog?  Dog!  But I just got a kitten named Trudy two days ago.

What’s your favorite color?  Black, of course.

Make a statement that best defines you:  “Not that bigguva deal!”


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