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Chocolate Smiles After Eating Levain Bakery Cookies!

This is why we love making cookies!  Thank you for sharing, you made our day.


Dear Levain Bakery Staff,
I’m attaching a photo of my two nephews, Frank and Aidan, after they finished eating one of your chocolate chip cookies. They said they were the best chocolate chip cookies in the world and I agree!
Thank you for caring so much about good food and making our lives a little sweeter!
Laura Galante


“Cookies Across the City” review and video


You have to check our one of latest reviews!  We love the enthusiasm and look forward to meeting our reviewers in person one day.  Some of our youngest reviewers awarded us their best chocolate chip cookie in NYC.  Check out the video at   We love meeting and hearing from our fans.

Tallulah is ready to bake!

One of favorite customers is looking for a job.  She’s hired!  Thanks Marc for for sharing T’s love with us everyday.  Tallulah is one of the girls, always up for a cookie.

top chef



This is the second summer Daniel has worked for us in Wainscott and we are so happy that he came back this summer.  We just wish he did not have to go back to school so soon!  He is great to have around and keeps us all laughing and is a great dancer!


Name:  Daniel Narvaez Garcia


What’s your sign:  Aquarius


Where did you grow up?  Cuenca-Ecuador


What is your favorite color?  Brown


What is your favorite thing at the bakery?  Everybody


Cat or Dog?  Dog


If you could be a cookie package, where would you want to be shipped?  Cuenca


What smells best when it is in the oven?  The cookies


Chocolate chip walnut or chocolate chocolate chip?  Chocolate Chip Walnut


What is your favorite song played at the bakery?  Use Some Body – Get the Rhythm


If you could be one thing in the bakery, what would you be and why?  The cookies, because we sell the most of them.


Make a statement that defines you.  Vive tu vida como si fuera el ultimo dia.  “Live everyday like it is your last>”

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