Emily P

Sometimes it seems that to work at Levain Bakery you must have a certain name.  ie Alexis, Emily, etc.  Right now we have three Emily’s!


Name:  Emily


What’s your sign:  Leo


Where did you grow up?  New Jersey


What is your favorite color?  I go back and forth between blue and green


What is your favorite thing at the bakery?  Pizzas


Cat or Dog?  Dog


If you could be a cookie package, where would you want to be shipped?  Anywhere in Tuscany


What smells best when it is in the oven?  Sour cream coffee cake


Chocolate chip walnut or chocolate chocolate chip?  Chocolate chip walnut


What is your favorite song played at the bakery?  Ragged Wood by Fleet Fox


What is your least favorite song played at the bakery?  The bakery only plays good music.


If you could be one thing in the bakery, what would you be and why?  The big mixer – it can do anything.


Make a statement that defines you.  “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”


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