I got a call early this morning and it was a woman from my building telling me that I finally was picked off of a waiting list to have a small plot in our community garden. Boy was I excited! Now I could finally plant some of my dad’s plants that he has grown from seedlings. Tomato plants, pepper plants, red leaf and basil! My own mini garden-something I can take care of and nourish with my own hands. I can watch as a little something grows and turns into a big something. I’m excited!


Then I thought to myself, that’s basically what happens here at the bakery everyday. We use our hands to create all the great things our customers see when they come in. Everything starts off as pieces or ingredients that we piece together to create a larger thing. Our hands help us mix, fold, measure and shape. Our hands take care of and nourish every item from our yeast starter to the cookie dough we shape to create our amazing cookies. All of our items are handled with great care and with lots of love and respect. That is why everything tastes so great!


So I guess when I go home tonight, I’ll treat my hands to a massage. Sometimes I have to stop and think how hard they work everyday. They help me do all the things I love to do in my life- like planting and especially baking, here at the bakery.


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