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Yesterday we received the nicest email from Regina, which we thought we would share with you (see below).  Regina wrote a review of our cookies, as well as create a video review which you can see on youtube.  Check out her post at

Hi! I LOVE YOUR COOKIES!!! I am the host of  

I featured Levain Bakery today on the site!

I thought you would like to check out the feature!

Please share it with others!

Happy Friday!


Regina Dowling

Host of


We appreciate and love how many people share their experiences and photos of their bakery visits online, on their blogs.  It is great and always fun to read them.  If you would like to share them with us directly you can send them to us at

Levain by emilygoodstein.

Emily, who calls herself “a big fan from Washington DC” recently sent us a link to her blog as well as inviting us to share some of her photos from Flickr which we will are doing now!

birdseye view of levain by emilygoodstein.

Thank you Emily!

Emily G.



Emily is one of the newest members of our retail staff. She only has been working with us for a very short while but is adapting well. She is an aspiring Broadway star with a great smile and a very sweet demeanor. She loves to help the customers and is always very bright and cheery. We are happy that she has joined the Levain team!



Name:  Emily Glick


What’s your sign?  Scorpio


Where did you grow up?   Chapel Hill, NC


How long have you lived in New York City?  One month!


How long have you been working at Levain Bakery?  2 weeks……


What’s your favorite color?  Royal Blue


What’s your favorite thing at the bakery?  The endless supply of coffee


Cat or Dog?   Both. Seriously.


If you could be a cookie package, where would you want to be shipped?  The south of France


What smells the best when it’s in the oven? Anything chocolate


Chocolate Chip Walnut or Chocolate Chocolate Chip?   Chocolate Chip Walnut


What’s your favorite song played at the bakery? There was great Barbara Streisand cover playing the other day


 What’s your least favorite song played at the bakery? Dolly’s “Little Sparrow”


If you could be one thing in the bakery, what would you be and why?  Any of the cookies-they’re so desired.


Make a statement that best defines you: “Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection, the lovers, the dreamers, and me” Kermit the Frog



As many of you know we, at Levain Bakery, are animal lovers in a big way!  In addition to loving meeting all of your favorite animals and giving them treats (when allowed) we  all (almost) have pets of our own. 


One of our best friends, Dr. Jennifer Katz, is a fabulous vet who, lucky for us, happened to move out in the Hamptons, shortly after we opened our Wainscott location.  Along with Dr. Katz’ help we have started to try to trap and spay/neuter some of the many feral cats around the Wainscott Bakery.  For the past two years we have accidently ended up with the kittens of some of these cats (long story) who the Veterinary Clinic of East Hampton ( has been kind enough to take, care for, and get adopted.  Colin, from the Seafood Shop, says he sees tons of these cats around his shop as well. 


Our Vet Clinic in the city, Manhattan Cat Specialists ( , also sometimes has beautiful cats and kitties who need homes if you would like to adopt.


So, I guess the point of this is a plea to make sure that everyone you know gets their animals spayed and neutered, as well as adopting from shelters rather then breeders.  There are so many amazing animals who need loving homes.  If you would like to make a donation, please consider the Veterinary Clinic of East Hampton, to help them with this enormous project of trying to care for all the animals out East who need help and, for one reason or another, have no funding.



I got a call early this morning and it was a woman from my building telling me that I finally was picked off of a waiting list to have a small plot in our community garden. Boy was I excited! Now I could finally plant some of my dad’s plants that he has grown from seedlings. Tomato plants, pepper plants, red leaf and basil! My own mini garden-something I can take care of and nourish with my own hands. I can watch as a little something grows and turns into a big something. I’m excited!


Then I thought to myself, that’s basically what happens here at the bakery everyday. We use our hands to create all the great things our customers see when they come in. Everything starts off as pieces or ingredients that we piece together to create a larger thing. Our hands help us mix, fold, measure and shape. Our hands take care of and nourish every item from our yeast starter to the cookie dough we shape to create our amazing cookies. All of our items are handled with great care and with lots of love and respect. That is why everything tastes so great!


So I guess when I go home tonight, I’ll treat my hands to a massage. Sometimes I have to stop and think how hard they work everyday. They help me do all the things I love to do in my life- like planting and especially baking, here at the bakery.

Al Bertram


Our beloved Bertram is finally home after being away for the past couple of months.  Bertram and his sweet dog Cody serve as our greeters, answering all bakery inquiries out front, in the evenings, after we are closed.  

Since the day we opened Betram has been a good friend and great fun.   And, we are not the only ones who think so!  Our block is an amazing community of people and friends.  We truly have an amazing neighborhood and have fulfilled our dreams of being a neighborhood bakery. 

We have been able to get to meet new babies and watch them grow up into teenagers, we meet people who then move on to new apartments (as we all do in NYC) but they stay in touch and come back to visit and then we have all of our other wonderful visitors from around the city, the country and the world!  It is truly wonderful to meet so many amazing people. 

And now, thank goodness, Bertram is back, as the pillar of our block!

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