Don has been working at the bakery for a while now and most customers will recognize his bright smile when they come into the bakery. I can not pinpoint the specific amount of time he has been here because he kind of “comes and go’s”. He is an opera singer and has to leave us often for performances all over the country. When he leaves, we are all very sad to see him go but are so happy that he is doing so well pursuing his dream. When he comes back, as he just did this week, we are happy that he can step back into the bakery and it is as if he never left! Welcome back Don!


Name:  Don  


What’s your sign?   Sagittarius


Where did you grow up?   Las Cruces, NM


How long have you lived in New York City?   Just over 5 years


How long have you been working at Levain Bakery?   On and off for 4 ½ years….when I’m not off singing opera


What’s your favorite color?   Green


What’s your favorite thing at the bakery?    I love the Chocolate chip walnut cookies, a classic


Cat or Dog?   Definitely dog but I love cats too, I’m just allergic


If you could be a cookie package, where would you want to be shipped?  On a cruise on the QE2, hint, hint.


What smells the best when it’s in the oven? The scones smell like popcorn because of the butter!


Chocolate Chip Walnut or Chocolate Chocolate Chip?   CCW


What’s your favorite song played at the bakery?  The carwash song by Belle and Sebastian


What’s your least favorite song played at the bakery?   I don’t know what it’s called but the chorus is: “we had a great time at your party, the wife and I thank you very much”


If you could be one thing in the bakery, what would you be and why?    The oven, because I’m a total hottie


Make a statement that best defines you:   Just One!?!




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