Starter: Lesson 1

bread-scapeYou have begun a starter, or levain, and have been living with it for a week, it is time to put it to work. 
 A starter can be used in any bread recipe, adding a small amount, perhaps 1/2 cup for a recipe that would yield two loaves.  The starter is somewhat liquid, so take that into consideration when adding additional water.  
If you do not have a basic bread recipe that you like, go the Levain Bakery website,, click on recipes and there you will find a delicious formula for a crispy french baguette, to which the 1/2 cup of the starter can be added with the warm water.  A french baguette is traditionally very light and crispy, the addition of the starter will add a bit more density to the loaf as well as a different dimension in flavor.  Both the french and sourdough baguette ane wonderful, just different.  
After using starter you can continue to “feed” it with flour and water and keep covered and it will grow and live for years!  
Next week, naming your starter!

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