Every great crust could use a little cornmeal!

Thursday night and I have not written my weekly Thursday blog post.  

I remembered earlier today that I had to write something and began to 

think, what?   Cornmeal.


I try to sometimes, this being one of those times,  to think of quick, but really significant and delicious additions to bread.  The crust of bread is probably my favorite component of the loaf; the 

color, the blisters and  dearest to my heart, the texture and taste.  

For me, texture and taste are traveling companions, one rarely goes without the other.  This is precisely where the cornmeal comes into 

the picture.   We have gone so far as to totally encrust a loaf of 

semolina dough in cornmeal or just layering parchment paper with it 

so that  it forms a subtle crust just on the bottom.   You will find 

that it  will enhance both companions immensely.


  Either option, from total cornmeal immersion to just a crunchy hue, will give your loaf  and new meaning!


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