I am Pam

breakfast-of-champions1Connie and I frequently get asked how we began baking. My mother is a fabulous cook and baker, and I have always had a huge sweet-tooth, preferring desserts to main courses.  Cakes or pies are an ideal breakfast for me. 


I remember beginning to bake sometime when I was around 8 years old; with not always the most fabulous results.  One of my first attempts at baking a pie ended up feeding some raccoons!  To this day, my cousin and I are teased about a tiered birthday cake that we baked, and then iced using granulated sugar because we ran out of confectioners sugar, which it turns out, is about as delicious as eating a cake iced with butter and sand.  Most of the time though, my baking attempts were delicious. 


My biggest issue was, and still is, not eating all of everything I bake!  Just knowing it is around is always a temptation.  Moderation does not come easily; and to this day, with no help, I can consume a layer cake, sliver by sliver, in two days easily.


The first bread I remember baking was a “Sally Lunn Yeast Bread”.  Like Connie, I find something so peaceful and satisfying about making and baking bread.  All of the things that we bake for Levain are created from recipes developed by both Connie and me.  Unfortunately for me, one of us has to pay attention to the things that keep the bakery running, in addition to the actual baking, and it turns out that it works better for us to have me do most of those things. 


Although I never imagined I would co-own a bakery, it works out well since I love delicious baked goods and have open access all the time!


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