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Levain Cam Hello

Two of our favorite customers, Carole and her daughter Christine (who’s also been helping us out this summer in East Hampton).

(used with permission)

End of Summer in the Hamptons Bakery

We’re quickly approaching the end of summertime on the beach, namely the Levain Bakery location in Wainscott. We’re only open seasonally in our East Hampton location, so if you haven’t yet had a chance to get here– time is limited for this season… come see us.

Wainscott Village Shopping Center, 354 Montauk Highway, Wainscott, NY 11975

Starting September 1 our Long Island bakery is open long (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) weekends only until the end of September. Then we’re closed until next summer. Call for hours, 631-537-8570.

The South Shore of Long Island is intoxicating at this time of year…

(painting courtesy of our friend Aurelio Torres, Wainscott Field in Summer)

Best Mail Order Cookies: How to get Levain Bakery Cookies even if you don’t live in NYC

Pining for a Levain cookie fix?

Some cookie aficionados residing outside the NYC area have no idea that even they can enjoy our cookies by mail order.

  • Our monstrous, decadent cookies that our neighborhood regulars buy right here on the Upper Westside and in Wainscott are available to everyone, not just locals. If you get UPS packages then you can get our cookies.
  • Same cookies, shipped to order as a gift to yourself or a gift for someone else. (they’ll LOVE you, really, you’ll get hints dropped every time a birthday, holiday or occasion rolls around).

Here’s how you get Levain Bakery cookies if you are not near our shops:

Beyond our storefront bakery lies Cookies By Mail! All fresh baked and packed to order, for you in one of our shops. Check out for all the shipping options and details.

We give them as gifts ourselves, so we can attest to their potency. Your gift recipients will love you for it.

Levain Bakery in the Hamptons

If you haven’t been out to our East Hampton bakery here’s why it’s fabulous:

(a painting by our friend Aurelio Torres, Shagam Hills, Montauk; used with permission)

It’s the beach! It’s the Hamptons, yes, but compared to New York City it’s very laid back, just the way summertime should be. The light is luminous and the air briny and rich. We regularly see herds of wild turkey and deer on our way to the bakery in the early mornings. Our actual bakery is open and spacious, but cozy. In the late afternoons so much of that translucent outdoor light spills through the big windows that we can turn off the overhead lights–perfect natural light.

You’re invited….

Our East Hampton address:

Levain Bakery, 354 Montauk Highway, Wainscott, New York, 11975; 631-737-8570

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A Levain-cam Shot

Brian and Harley

(used with permission)

Rustic Fruit Tarts in East Hampton

Here’s one baked item that is deliciously unique to our East Hampton location:

Fresh fruit tarts.

We take fresh strawberries, fresh blueberries and fresh peaches and simply wrap them in tart dough, bake until golden. You only get them if you come visit us out here. Come to the beach for the weekend or play hooky from work and when you do stop by for rustic fruit-tarts-and…

Share and Smile

We’d like to introduce our new webcams!

East Hampton Crew Says Hi

East Hampton Crew Says Hi

Find yourself online—how fun is that– via Levain Bakery webcam in either our New York or East Hampton location. Wave hello to friends or family. The webcam images/photos re-take every 10 seconds and you can find a full day’s images indexed online; just follow the links on our website. Here’s the key—we only save the webcam images for one day, all webcam memory from the previous day is deleted at 8 a.m everyday. So don’t miss your 15 minutes.

When you come into either bakery location look for the computer monitor mounted on the wall (in NYC it’ll be behind you, in East Hampton it’s to your left)—you’ll see pretty quickly where you need to strategically place yourself for maximum visibility or maximum invisibility.

Have fun with webcam images:

  • Email them to friends, family, jealous work colleagues, jilted lovers…use your best judgment.
  • Save webcam photos to your computer.

say “cheese” “it’s all about the cookie.”

New York Crew Says Hi

New York Crew Says Hi

*Disclaimer: we have targeted a specific spot in each bakery where those customers may stand if they wish to be visible via webcam, but for customers who’d prefer to shop for baked goods without leaving a trace, you’ll find plenty of counter space well outside the view of the webcam.

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