Are You a Nibbler or a Go-for-Broke Cookie Hound?

Remember when you were a kid with a handful of Oreos? Did you screw the tops off and lick the cream center out, or eat them whole? And then there was that whole other crowd– the dunkers.

So how do you eat a cookie?

wowwie, cookies and summertime

wowwie, cookies and summertime

nibblers: the crowd that buys a big cookie and makes it last all day (maybe into the next), relishing every bite, eyes glazed over. We know who you are…

brown-nosers: like to win over friends, new crushes, in-laws and difficult work colleagues with a selection of monster cookies. We think a hands-down winner strategy…

go-for-broke: nothing and no one is going to stop you from eating the whole cookie, right now. Everyone stay back….

last biters: ooooo, you’re the real closet cookie hounds, the one that refuses any bite, up until the last…. Things that make you go hmmmmm.

How do WE eat Levain cookies?

We’re guilty of all the above, except maybe the last one—we’re not likely to refuse a bite for politeness sake. We developed the recipes because we are inspired cookie hounds, a passion that has not slaked. We bake them AND we eat them. So when you walk into the bakery and think to yourself, “I wonder if they actually eat their cookies,” the answer is YES.

• Broken into chunks then frozen – perfect hot summer afternoon cookie shot.
• Sliced warm and topped with mounds of our favorite ice cream or gelato.
• Straight up, the way the cookie gods intended them….


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