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New Shirts!

Light Blue Tee, White Tank, Gray Tee

Light Blue Tee, White Tank, Gray Tee


Levain Bakery shirts are now availble for sale at our Wainscott location! We’ll keep you posted when they arrive in the New York store and online.  The super comfortable tee’s are availble in Light Blue or Gray for men and women.  We also have tank-tops perfect for the summer in White and Navy.  The perfect companion to last long after the cookie is gone!


Finding shelter from the storm…

It's not raining in here!

It's not raining in here!

Thank you to the Miller Family of Phoenix, Arizona for sending us this great photo! They made the trek from a close neighbor, the Museum of Natural History , to the bakery narrowly escaping the afternoon summer rain to sample what they saw on the Food Network.  We’re happy to report they [the cookies] were “worth running in the rain”.

Thank you again to the Miller’s and don’t forget to send us your photos, !

Are You a Nibbler or a Go-for-Broke Cookie Hound?

Remember when you were a kid with a handful of Oreos? Did you screw the tops off and lick the cream center out, or eat them whole? And then there was that whole other crowd– the dunkers.

So how do you eat a cookie?

wowwie, cookies and summertime

wowwie, cookies and summertime

nibblers: the crowd that buys a big cookie and makes it last all day (maybe into the next), relishing every bite, eyes glazed over. We know who you are…

brown-nosers: like to win over friends, new crushes, in-laws and difficult work colleagues with a selection of monster cookies. We think a hands-down winner strategy…

go-for-broke: nothing and no one is going to stop you from eating the whole cookie, right now. Everyone stay back….

last biters: ooooo, you’re the real closet cookie hounds, the one that refuses any bite, up until the last…. Things that make you go hmmmmm.

How do WE eat Levain cookies?

We’re guilty of all the above, except maybe the last one—we’re not likely to refuse a bite for politeness sake. We developed the recipes because we are inspired cookie hounds, a passion that has not slaked. We bake them AND we eat them. So when you walk into the bakery and think to yourself, “I wonder if they actually eat their cookies,” the answer is YES.

• Broken into chunks then frozen – perfect hot summer afternoon cookie shot.
• Sliced warm and topped with mounds of our favorite ice cream or gelato.
• Straight up, the way the cookie gods intended them….

Pam, Connie, Bobby & Jessa!

Not 15 minutes after receiving her birthday cookies-by-mail, Jessa flipped on the TV to find Throwdown with Bobby Flay taking on Levain Bakery.  The coincidence made for this adorable photo – many thanks to Jessa and her mom Jennifer for sharing with us!

Please share your photos with us by emailing them to  We’d love to show you off on our blog!

Working hard. . .

Maybe the heat is getting to her?

Maybe the heat is getting to her?

Here at the bakery we work hard, but we know how to have fun while we do it. That fun translates to enjoyment and that enjoyment creates a love that’s baked right into everything we make.

And there’s always time for fun when there are employee birthdays to be celebrated:

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Even in this summer heat we’re always smiling (thanks in part to our delicious Iced Coffee). . .

The ABC’s of Chocolate-Chip cookie enjoyment.

A) Get yourself to Levain Bakery.

B) Sit & savor the delicious cookie, a cold glass of milk optional.

C) Watch the “Quest for the Perfect Chocolate-Chip Cookie” explored on an ABC News Webcast.

We’re excited to be featured in the Webcast, tomorrow, July 18th at 1pm! Yum.

Summer (hours) in the city. . .

Ah, summertime.  While this may mean lazy afternoons by pool for some, here at Levain Bakery we are still baking up the goodies you know and love full time.  Our summer hours are consistent year-round:

  • Monday – Saturday:  8am to 7pm
  • Sunday: 9am to 7pm

For those of you lucky enough to be at the beach this summer our Wainscott location is open daily through Labor Day.  Just because you’re out of the city doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your favorite treats.

  • Sunday – Thursday:  8am to 5pm
  • Friday & Saturday: 8am to 6pm

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